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Feb 23, 2017 - 08:21 PM  
CATFISHING, planer bobber BASS FISHING trolling  

Lucky 7-11
planer bobber
BASS FISHING technique

Lake Norman, N.C.~ With fishing music by Dubb-ya and The Stone Coons!AWESOME!!!

The Original
Lucky 7-11
Glow Top
planer bobber

The one That started it all...
The Original LUCKY 7-11 planer bobber! Read all about it!


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Fishing Music:
Get Into The Zone

The Stone Coons.
all fishin music, all the time
~ Fish 22~
"In The Element Tides"

Free fishing music downloads
fish 19

with Planer Bobber Purchase!
Get THREE must have fishin tunes by WSC for .99 cents!!! !
WSC tunes info page

Bass Walleye Perch Pike Musky Catfish Ultimate Fishing Tool

Trolling or Walk the Bank
For Big Bass, Big Whoppin Walleye, Premium Perch, Predator Pike, Monster Muskies, Colassal Catfish

The Planer Bobber
Does it all
Fishing from a boat or from the bank
~ lakes, rivers, ~
~ ponds, canals ~
DAY or NIGHT! Now with Glow in the dark top Mix

BASS FISHING Trolling Lake Norman w/ Captain Casey O' Toole

Trolling bass fishing using mini planer board bass fishing trolling Lucky 7-11 Planer Bobber with our "family spokesman", Capt Casey O'Toole~Lets go fishing!

BASS FISHING Topwater ACTION Ohio Power Secret Pond J_Joe 57

The Aegis 57 Directional Control Topwater Lure aka jicky_Joe" 57"~ Hand poured ~ hard plastic lure ~ Hand made ~ with glow in the dark mix! Fish day or night!

Catfishing ~ Trolling Drifting ~ what you will catch

Welcome to See Whopper catches on planer bobbers! ~
Click Here!
To See Whats Been caught On Planer Bobbers

~Trolling~ For Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass

Whoppers! this button takes you to:
Click Here!
To See Whats Been caught On Planer Bobbers

Trolling Catfish Planer Bobber Catch

One of many catfish caught on our planer bobbers! Catfishing here in Columbus Ohio!

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Mini planer board indestructible!

Forget the rest! Get the best!
Hand Poured Hard Plastic mini planer boards.
They will never break apart like other mini planer boards on the market. Reliable proven design planer bobber. Day or night time fishing for catfish, big bass, striped bass, walleye, crappie.
They Glow in the Dark! Trolling from a boat or from shore. Walk the bank. Fishing fun for everyone. Teach your children about fishing. They will enjoy using mini planer boards . Planer bobbers keeps everyone active while fishing from the shore. All ages

Hootie Owl Boat Works

Coming soon! Download instructions and boat plans to build the Hootie 1060 SURGE! ~ LOA 11'2" Its fast and sleek!

On board ELECTRIC POWER ~ Drill motor ~ 1/2" 3000 RPM 750 WATTS DRILL MOTOR ~ FAST FAST FAST! ~ Solar panels to recharge Batteries and more!
check it out
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Catfishing Bass Fishing
Mini Side Planer Boards
Trolling or River bank Fishing
Like Never Before
Glow Top Planer Bobbers copyright 2009

Planer Bobber Forum
catfishing bass fishing walleye trolling planer bobber forum mini planer boards ~ side planers

Discussion Board and more!
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Hand Poured Hard Plastic Indestructible Mini Planer Boards
Trolling Techniques tips and tricks Catfishing Bass Fishing Striped bass fishing Walleye Crappie
From a boat or from the shore ~ Catch more fish galore ~ Trolling ~ River bank fishing ~ walk the bank of lakes rivers ponds canals
Trolling Equipment ~ planer bobbers ~ Cast-able ~ Quick release
Catch fish so Big sometimes ~ its Scary!
NEW! Jicky Joe Lures. Topwater action lures for bass fishing
They Glow in the Dark! Bass fishing Day or NIGHT!
Fishing Music ~ Fishing Songs that ROCK!
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